Appreciation panel briefing

Thank you so much of offering to be on our appreciation panel! What is required is that you read through this briefing to prepare, and are connected via zoom on the 7th December from 15:00 to 17:00.

Stephen Hinton is coordinating the appreciation panel, so any question do contact him at

This is why we are doing this

BY THE NUMBERS. Figures from Ecological Threat Report, produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace, featuring exclusive research from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll.

56%: 127 of 228 of the world\’s countries and territories are facing extreme ecological threat.

1.3 billion: The amount the world’s 40 least peaceful countries will increase their population by between now and 2050.

92%: Number of the world’s undernourished people living in low to very low peace countries in 2021.

738 million: Number of people in sub-Saharan Africa who lack adequate food, with all but one country facing extreme water stress. 

1.5%: The amount world’s concern over climate change has decreased since 2019. Citizens in three of the four biggest polluting countries have a low level of concern – China, India and Russia.

$8.1 trillion: The amount air pollution costs the world annually, equivalent to 6.1% of global GDP, and claiming 6-9 million lives.

Our stance is catch people doing things right

We believe in the power of positive examples – and results. Many people feel despondent that we cannot overcome the challenges of climate and environmental degradation. The over 500 applicants for the Water, Air and Food Award demonstrate that we can achieve food and water and air security if we work together. They give us insight, hope and inspiration as well as practical innovations.

In our experience, people are so focussed on solving their challenges that there is little time for reflection – to see the bigger picture, to consolidate what they have learned, to understand what is new, and to see the significance of that they have done.

This is the job of the appreciation panel – to see from the eyes of the world what the initiative shows.

The finalsits will be presented in each category – so there will be three or four to appreciate. Your role is express your appreciation for any small or large aspect of their initiative. It is also helpful to appreciate what you have learned form the initiative – again however small or large. This is because it might not be clear to audiences exactly what the significance of the initiative is.

Some examples

In earlier awards we have seen the power of volunteering, and the power of kindness. These are not exactly new inventions, but often audiences do not realise that just by helping out they can really make a difference.

  • The food (and water for that) provision system exerts a huge environmental pressure farm to fork and back to farm. Many of the initiatives shorten the chain and show how it is possible to radically curtail the environmental impact of the food.
  • Other initiativves demonstrate the power of social inventions – they way they involve local sin relationshoips other than buyer- seller.

The information that voters will be supplied is on this web-site. That is your main resource.

We will make staff from the selection function to provide you with any additional material. Just drop them an email here.

Technical requirements

  • Computer
  • Reasonably fast broadband
  • Camera and microphone

Technical rehearsal will be announced closer to the date

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