AWARD Shortlist 2015

Bafut Permaculture Ecovillage (Cameroon)

Better World Cameroon has trained unemployed local youth to construct Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage. The site demonstrates ecosystem enhancement: climate-smart agriculture, water catchment protection, land restoration, and income stabilization.

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Better Globe Forestry (Kenya)

BGF empowers small farming communities in sustainable agriculture. It is the only forestry company in Kenya, and perhaps in Africa, that undertakes massive forestation of drylands.

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Global Women’s Water Initiative (United States)

GWWI’s multi-year training transforms community women into water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) providers. They access resources to find sustainable solutions that also address related community issues of health, peace, education and income.

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LifeStraw® Follow the Liters (Kenya)

Lifestraw® provides access to safe water for students in four counties of western Kenya. This ongoing, sustainable program is funded by retail sales of LifeStraw products in developed markets.

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Momentum Trust (Kenya)

A social business in western Kenya, Momentum Trust works with small farmers to ensure food security and income stability. Momentum provides seeds and fertilizers, as well as agricultural, business and financial training to groups of 10-20 farmers.

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The Plantagon Vertical Greenhouse for Urban Agriculture 


Plantagon has developed a vertical space-efficient greenhouse for the urban environment. The simple concept provides fresh vegetables daily for local consumers.

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SCOPE: Provision of clean drinking water through Bio Sand Filters (BSF) in Tharparkar


SCOPE staff trained with (CAWST) in Canada to build Bio Sand Filters that provide communities with safe drinking water. SCOPE has also provided countrywide training to other NGOs and community organizations.

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Seeds of Life


Seeds of Life rehabilitates and distributes endangered vegetable, fruit and cereal seeds. It also trains growers in their traditional use and propagation

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INNOAID DK: Street Food Project


Innoaid’s Street Food Project works to support Kolkata street food vendors, key players in sustaining the urban poor.

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OACK: Vision for Innovative Social Change: Using less water to produce more food.


OACK’s mission is to develop sustainable organic agriculture in small farming communities, particularly in Kenya’s Eastern Aberdare Agro Ecosystem. One of their initiatives prevents tree tomatoes drying from drought, disease, pests and infestations.

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