The Water Air Food Awards Team is keen to meet you! 

Are you up to volunteering as Communications HYPE Savvy? An impactful way to make a difference in this world. 

It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s straight forward!

Water Air Food Awards Volunteer Communications Savvy is full of energy and passion, solid know-how and team spirit.  

WAFA is all about telling stories. People love stories. Our Silent Heroes Stories  inspire change. You are at the centre of this change. How? You will lead the communication & promotion process from CALL FOR NOMINATIONS TO WINNERS ON STAGE. 

You will bring the WAFA story to life, and promote WAFA Awards Celebration through the available message carriers: web, social media, print, press releases etc.  One of the objectives is to co-write, and publish the silent heroes’ stories.. You will be inspired by their texts and amateur footage – inspiring videos and stories from our award finalists.. You will be helping winners tell their stories at Award Celebrations. You will pepper our voting and nominations campaigns with impactful visuals, videos and texts that speak to our emotions. You will support our crowdfunding campaigns, social media, newsletter, website and other communication activities with  evocative material. Working with our Partner you will also help create press releases and articles for publication. 

You will also be collaborating with our Research & Applications team, IT and marketing folks. 

We’d love that you have experience with web-design and development. If this is beyond your skill set, we are still keen to get to know you.  

We are looking forward to your communications ‘’HYPE STRATEGY’.  

Personal strengths we like you to own

  • Caring for others – shared commitment and passion for WAFA’s mission!
  • Create and run the HYPE leading to the WAFA AWARDS CELEBRATION 
  • Writing – Inspired written communication tailored to the needs of the audience.
  • Speaking – Talking with others to clearly convey values, objective and facts 
  • Experience in writing about environmental and sustainability initiatives.
  • Communications and Media – Knowledge of media production, communication and dissemination.. This includes alternative ways to inform, inspire action and entertain via written, oral and visual media.
  • Cooperation – Being kind with others on the job, and display a good-natured, cooperative manner..
  • Dependability – Being reliable, responsible and dependable in fulfilling responsibilities.


  • English is our  language, so you are proficient using it to communicate in writing and in speaking.
  • Most work is done from home. We have regular Zoom meetings and meet in BLOX (our meeting space in central Copenhagen).  
  •  Amount of hours?  We like to first discuss hours available and way of working before we agree on hours per week. 

About WAFA Water Air Food Awards

Water Air Food Awards is a non-profit based in Copenhagen Denmark with global reach. 

We have found Silent Heroes in 82 countries, received 552 award applications, reached 84 million people, presented 14 awards to winners in 10 countries on 5 continents (Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Central America, Europe). 

WE SHINE LIGHT on local nature-based solutions who solve their own problems TODAY.

By giving exposure and recognition we help these exceptional pioneers scale and replicate their proven solutions one community at a time. 

We are on a journey to become ‘The Humanitarian Oscars’ to create AWARENESS and engagement.

You can help with your key competence. 




Write a short description of yourself and send your CV to Stephen Hinton, and Tina Lindgreen

Like further information? 


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