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(Planned to be a paying position, voluntary at first.) WAFA’s Event Manager has the overall responsibility for the preparation and execution of the Award Event(s). You will build up and manage your event team and contribute to your team members’ motivation and enjoyment.

This is a key WAFA role as it is the event itself that brings attention to the water and food security challenge and the innovative and sustainable solution initiatives going on.


To plan and manage the Award Event that brings the water, air and food challenge to the general public through the perspective of the work of ground level initiatives. To do this within budget, building a competent team and encompassing all the various aspects of the event.

You will coordinate with

  • Logistics (You have this role from the beginning, but you might delegate to team member later)
  • Production manager (responsible for content), 
  • Audience services,
  • Marketing manager  
  • Program office (as member of the Program team)

Deliverables include:

  • The  signed contract with the event venues  
  • Contracts signed in due time with suppliers  (E.g. catering etc.)
  • Time planning, project management.
  • Team formation

The tasks to be performed include:

  • Set up, manage and execute the Award Events 2022 in Copenhagen
  • Setting, communicating and maintaining timelines and priorities;
  • Feedback and supply with knowledge to all types of services related to the events.
  • Take on the responsibility of coordinating all the logistics.
  • Team up with the volunteers in charge of the budget to ensure all budget requirements are being met. Agreeing to and managing the budget;
  • Motivate and manage the different team leaders in the event team.
  • Securing and book a suitable venue.
  • Ensuring insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are adhered to.
  • Coordinating venue management, caterers, stand designers, contractors and equipment hire.
  • Organizing facilities for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid, hospitality and media support with the responsible managers.
  • Making sure the VIP’s requirements are met with VIP responsible.
  • Planning room layouts with the respective managers.
  • Establish staff schedules for the day of the event in cooperation with relevant managers.
  • Coordinating staffing requirements and staff briefings;
  • Liaising with marketing and PR colleagues to promote the event;
  • Coordinating suppliers, handling client queries and troubleshooting on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly; together with the responsible managers.
  • Overseeing the dismantling and removal of the event and clearing the venu efficiently;
  • Be a part of the post-event evaluation.

Skills and competencies:

  • Experience in event management;
  • Able to pull together a memorable and emotional event from a wide base of
  • possibilities;
  • Have excellent project and time management skills;
  • Can work remotely as well as part of a team (while also being able to lead and motivate the team);
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Last, but not least, share our passion.

Voluntary work and employment

The post is voluntary at this time. We are seeking funding for the position and intend to make this a half or full time employment.

Work environment

Most work is done from home, while we’ll have regular Skype/Zoom meetings (therefore, you own a computer with internet access and a phone); the hours you will have to put in may vary per week. As the event is in Copenhagen area, and the executives are mostly in that area, it would be good if you are located in the area (Malmö – Öresund – Denmark) but not essential. You will need to be in Copenhagen a few weeks before the event and up to the event.

About WAFA

WAFA is a nonprofit organization with global reach founded in 2008 and headquartered in Denmark. Its vision is water, clean air and food for all, and the mission is to raise awareness of the global water and food challenge and enhance solutions.

Hence, WAFA provides companies, knowledge institutions and social entrepreneurs with a Corporate Social Responsibility platform for furthering the award winning initiatives. WAFA presents The Water, Air and Food Award to the most effective, innovative and sustainable initiatives, selected by an expert panel of judges. WAF offers an opportunity to its volunteers to bring forward their talent, strength and passion while making a-difference. It is fun and challenging to work with us, and it offers a lot of learning and growing professionally and personally.

If you find yourself in the above lines and think that water, air and food are essential for mankind, please send your CV to WAFA Founder Tina Lindgreen at Tili@wafaward.org. Need further information? Please have a look on our website www.wafaward.org.


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