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Nomination for 2023 Awards is OPEN and the cut off date will be announced later. 

This is your chance to nominate your favourite project

You are helping your community secure access to healthy water, healthy food or clean air! Just fill in the on-line nomination by clicking on “Apply Here” above, and you will be notified.

Or maybe you know someone who is making a difference in the areas of water, air, or food sustainability? You could help them, by helping them to connect with us.

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The Award criteria and the Key Points below can help you prepare your application.

Award Criteria:
Feasibility/Sustainability – Budget Source – Innovation – Empowerment – Scalability – Replicability – Social and Environmental Impact – Future Plans and Duration

Key Points:
WAFA provides expert certification and global recognition of your project. Apart from a cash prize, we do not provide funding.
One winner is selected from each category: water, air, food. Identify your category.

An eligible project will:

  • produce measurable results for at least two years;
  • empower community members;
  • introduce/upgrade technologies or practices that improve the community’s quality of life;
  • provide significant environmental, economic and social benefits;
  • be a replicable model for other communities;
  • be capable of scaling and beyond the original comunity.