COPENHAGEN 18th MAY. Tina Lindgren, Reinhard Wagner published an article in the German project managment periodical, PROJEKTMANAGEMENT AKTUELL in January 2022.

Recognition for silent heroes – WAFA and the Oscar for successful projects
Tina Lindgren, Reinhard Wagner
Our society is facing unimagined challenges. Yet there are already many grassroots initiatives and
silent heroes around the world who have developed sustainable solutions in their communities.
WAFA (Water Air Food Awards), a non-profit organisation based in Copenhagen, is looking for these
silent heroes, making their success stories visible to the whole world with an award and thus
promoting the dissemination of sustainably successful project ideas.
For readers in a hurry:
Given the number and complexity of societal challenges today, finding appropriate solutions is
relatively difficult. International organisations such as the United Nations, governments and non-
governmental organisations all too often fail in their attempts to solve the pressing concerns of the
population through suitable projects. Yet there are already a large number of projects that have
found locally adapted solutions to the problems of the population. All too often, however, these
grassroots movements or silent heroes receive too little attention. This is what WAFA has set itself
the task of doing, and each year it awards a prize in the categories of water, air, food and climate.
WAFA itself is a grassroots movement which, with the support of many volunteers, identifies and
selects projects, awards prizes to them and thus not only draws attention to the projects, but also
provides further support to all participants through the public impact. WAFA thus supports
sustainable projects with great social added value through its own projects and a great deal of
commitment. In view of the many challenges facing humanity, this is certainly a promising model for
the future.

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