How to vote

There are four categories, with 3-4 finalists in each. You can vote for one winner in each category.

Just go to our finalist pages (overview here) and read about all about them. Follow the links to read their detailed story.

See all finalists here per category via the links below:

When you are ready, head on over to to vote on our partner site, Award Force.

Why vote?

This is the way we see it…
All over the world societies are scrambling to address the threats of climate change, food insecurity, air quality and more. The main strategy is to look to large industrial, top-down solutions that require massive investments.

all over the world, there are bottom up initiatives taking place often with a huge measure of kindness, generosity, ingenuity and community. These need to be heard as loudly, if not louder, than the large industrial solutions proposed by governments.

When you vote you make a statement that you think these initiatives are important, and deserve attention, that bottom-up efforts should be supported as much as large schemes and financial engineering like tax changes and investment instruments.