The Water Air Food Awards

Celebrating the power of nature-based solutions


We identify, award and promote outstanding sustainable initiatives for water, air, and food security worldwide. We shine light on stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to inspire people everywhere to work for water, air and food security for all.



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Celebrating the extraordinary efforts making real impact  

People all over the world are working locally to ensure their communities get the basics so they can thrive. We are awarding the initiatives that give us hope and inspiration that step by step we can build a sustainable world together where all basic needs are met.


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Voting Starts 16th March
Award Event 27th April

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Sponsors support the work to spread hope and insights from WAFAs network of  practitioners and sustainable initiatives.

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Our approach is a simple one: to identify and showcase what's already working to remediate the earth's environmental and social challenges and then do everything in our power to let all 8 billion people know about these low-cost, high impact, planet and people saving initiatives.


– Tina Lindgreen, CEO

Our events move hearts and change lives.

Our award events, featuring finalists, performers and subject experts from around the world attract broad attention. They bring a message of hope and ingenuity in the face of the many human challenges before us.

The most amazing initiatives you have probably never heard about.

A future where food, air and water security is possible, in way that respects nature and future generations is within our reach if we can harness what these initiatives are showing us.

Over 552   applications

Our database offers over 552 initiatives as vetted collaboration projects that can form part of partner corporations’ ESG and CSR development

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