Team WAFA.

Help us, help them, help them all.

Water, air and food security is a major planetary challenge. WAFA’s mission is to raise awareness and to share sustainable solutions. Everyone has a right to these vital resources. 

Our volunteers help make it happen! As a member of an extraordinary volunteer team, you get the chance to make a difference in people’s lives as part of an extraordinary team.

Volunteering requires commitment, time and flexibility! WAFA welcomes professional volunteers from every country. Most assignments require education and/or experience in areas like technology, science, economics, marketing, administration, legal, finance, project management, engineering, human resources, and communication, etc.

If you feel inspired to join our mission, please see our open positions below and contact us at

Send your CV

You are welcome to send unsolicited applications to volunteer at WAFA Awards.

International Volunteers

We welcome professional volunteers working from any country.

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